About Us

Welcome to Palato Cafe
Palato Café is a fusion of different customs, cultures, and fresh and natural ingredients that convergent in magical recipes of delicious foods. It is a site where customers can to create their own proposals and carried away by their imagination in the delight of their tastes, and satisfaction of their food habits. Palato Café creates food to delight the palate, to take care of the body, and to take care of the health.
“With excellent quality ingredients, our breakfast is made without any preservative, fast, or additives ingredients. Scramble eggs with minimum olive oil. Baked eggs. Fresh and natural ingredients.”
Why Choose us
Natural food is taken from the world's most modern farms with strict safety cycles


Always Fresh

Palato Café is a place where you can to eat fresh, healthy, and tasty food. The staff is trained to offer excellent service to all customers.


Overall Healthy

All foods are made with love and within a culture of quality, cleanness, responsibility, and respect. It is dependable, delicious, and friendly, spiffy clean and well operate. (Renne, Maribeth. What to do. TCPalm, August 13, 2013.)


Pleases The Palate

Palato Café pleases the palate. (Renne, Maribeth. What to do. TCPalm, August 13, 2013.)


Own Creation

The flexibility in the creation of each product makes each food diverse and unique. Palato Café believes that is its goal that each customer feels important and unique.


Different Diets

We offer a variety of freshly daily made food for different diets. All food is fresh and natural. Juices, smoothies, lemonades and other drinks are made to order.


No Preservatives

We offer food made without preservatives and flavoring. It uses as much as it can high quality products mostly organic. All food is low in fat, low in sodium, and low in sugars. No can food is used.

Our mission
Our mission is to encourage and to promote the culture of delicious healthy eating. Palato Cafe offers homemade food, providing products made with excellent quality and careful processes at reasonable prices.
Our vision
Palato Café will be the lead cafeteria of healthy food and drinks. Palato Café achieves the highest quality and improves all processes carefully.